The Aluminum Box Culvert came into existence in the late 1960’s. the product of the creative mind of a Kaiser Aluminum Engineer, Cliff Degraff. It was designed to fill 2 major drainage problems, the replacement of poured in place concrete structures with low head room and wide spans, and multiple runs. The Aluminum Box Culvert is also applicable for county and state highway crews, wanting to cut costs by installing with county and state work forces. The Aluminum Box Culvert can be installed without any need for concrete, using an aluminum corrugated floor, or it can be set on aluminum footer pads, or if desired a concrete footer. The aluminum structure can be assembled outside the ditch and lifted into place with a small hydraulic crane and backfilled immediately. Aluminum headwalls and wingwalls are available for saving right of way space. You will find a family of structures by clicking onto the link below. The Aluminum Box Culvert is extremely corrosion resistant because of the 5052 marine allow sheets in a ph range of 4.0 to 9.0. By utilizing an Aluminum Box Culvert you can be sure of a life span of 75 years or greater.