Engineers and contractors rely on CPI Supply Corrugated Metal Pipe for culverts, storm sewers, small bridges, stormwater detention systems and conduits. No other type of drainage structure offers the range of structural strength that’s available with Corrugated Metal Pipe—it performs where rigid pipe fails. CPI Supply products manufactures to repeatable and exacting standards HEL-COR® and ULTRA-FLO® pipe—which has a 0.012 Manning’s “n”—in galvanized, Aluminized Steel Type 2, polymer coated and aluminum.

Corrugated steel pipe is similar to the superstructure of a building in that it supports the interior walls and gives structure to the facade. Steel is the proven, strong-shouldered
material that is coated with zinc, Aluminized Steel Type 2, tough polymer or asphalt to increase durability for prolonged design life. Corrugated steel pipe is the strength at the core of all coatings and linings.

Full-round pipe is recommended for most applications. However, for limited headroom conditions, CPI Supply produces a pipe-arch shape. The low, wide pipe-arch
design distributes the area horizontally to provide adequate capacity without raising
the grade.

Both CPI Supply Pipe and Pipe-Arch are produced in six wall thicknesses including 18, 16, 14, 12, 10 and 8 gage, which are available with either helical or annular corrugations. HEL-COR® Pipe (helical corrugations) is furnished with continuous locked seams, and with rerolled annular ends. CPI Supply riveted pipe is furnished with annular corrugations only. Corrugations include 1-1/2” x 1/4” and 2-2/3” x 1/2” for economical and efficient metal use in small diameters; 3” x 1” and 5” x 1” offer high sectional properties in large diameter pipe. CPI Supply offers a wide variety of corrugations and thicknesses.