The large selection of multi-plate structure types offered by CPI Supply enables you to specify the optimum structure for virtually any application, from low-cover situations to extreme-cover heights. The individual plates are corrugated and punched to produce the bolt holes for assembly. Then, each plate is curved to meet the shape requirements of the selected structure. The plates are shipped on flat-bed trailers and ready for structure assembly at the jobsite.
The plates are bolted together in the field, typically with a few men on the crew and some small equipment. The light weight of Aluminum Structural Plate is desirable to pre-assemble structures and lift them into place in one piece. Time and cost savings benefits can be realized with this approach while ensuring the safety of the construction crews.

Structural Plate options feature fast, easy, low-cost installation and proven durability. 

These aluminum multi-plate structures offer a variety of shapes, sizes and treatments for any application and are accompanied by extensive technical support.